About Darn It Alterations

About Darn It Alterations

The journey to "Darn It alterations, repairs and sew much more" began in the 1970's when Elizabeth was at primary school and needlework lessons and making things for the school Christmas and Summer fairs were regular occurrences. Felt animals and embroidery featured heavily, including a noteable embroidered table mat marking Ninny & Grandad’s Diamond Wedding in 1977. 

Forays into knitting & crochet followed.  However, knitting took a very back seat as Elizabeth found she was knitting back to front after practising knitting with a left-handed Aunty.  Knitting is one needle too many, so crochet still wins out. .

Fast forward to 1978 and the ‘options’ choices at secondary school where Needlework is up against English Literature. Fortunately for customers of Darn It and family and friends past and present, Needlework it was and a CSE Level 2 was awarded in 1980. It would have been a level 1 but for putting the buttons on the boy's side of a blouse and it being too late to change it after the error was spotted as it was passed over for the examiner :( 

A devotion to home sewing, dressmaking and later, alterations & repairs, began over forty years ago and is now available to the public as 

Darn It

We hope you find our experience and insight into understanding how clothes and household textiles are constructed and using this experience in repairing and altering clothes for many years will give you a more than satisfactory service.   This experience and insight is backed up by Elizabeth's former profession in hospital pharmacy, where persnicketiness and attention to detail has to come as standard.

Over the last 40 years we have moved on from ‘school’ standard sewing to professional finishes and have studied the methods and techniques used by industry professionals including those taught by the great, lovely, wonderful and doyenne of sewing, Lorna Knight, to produce work of what we feel is a very high standard but at an affordable price.


Elizabeth Darn It Alterations

In the days before Darn It, the faithful home sewing machine is pressed into action again