Clothing Repairs by Darn It Alterations

Clothing Repairs

Favourite clothes falling apart and can’t sew? Good job we can!

  • Linings replaced, drooping hems re-sewn
    & individual buttons sewn back.
  • Rips, split seams, loose buttonholes?
  • Party clothes not looking their best after partying too hard?
  • Our repairs can make the garment like new or, in some cases, better than new!

We repair all kinds of woven and knitted fabric clothing.

Don't bin it

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New Zips: from £5.00 (trousers/jeans) to £20 for coat/jacket zips.  

Repairs to pockets from £3.50 each pocket

Trouser/jeans hems resewn from £3.00 per hem

Buttonhole reworking £1.50 per buttonhole 
Rips & tears repaired from £3.00 

Call or text us! 07587 292 659
email: or use the contact form


Clothing Repairs

Clothing Repairs