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Craft Gifts

Craft gifts are another speciality of our ‘Sew Much More’ range of services

We make wrist pin-cushions, knitting bags, shoe bags, scissor cases, pump/swimming bags, book bags, tote bags and other practical items to order, with or without monogramming and machined embroidery.

We also do bunting. For whatever the occasion, we can make the bunting to suit, from sparkly orange and black bunting for Halloween through rich Christmassy hues to country fayre pastels and ginghams for a garden or tea party.

We can also make bunting from ‘upcycled’ fabric (eg) bunting made from items formerly belonging to the family to welcome a new baby: table mats, an old umbrella, trousers (honestly), linen tea-towels and old curtains were all contributed by the family to make a very special one-of-a-kind colourful window decoration.

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Bunting Curtain