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Craft Gifts

Craft gifts are another speciality of our ‘Sew Much More’ range of services

We make wrist pin-cushions, knitting bags, shoe bags, scissor cases, PE/swimming bags, book bags, tote bags, travel pouches and other practical items to order, with or without machine/freehand embroidery & applique.

We also do bunting. For whatever the occasion, we can make the bunting to suit, from sparkly orange and black bunting for Halloween through rich Christmassy hues to country fayre pastels & ginghams for a garden or tea party.  We also make bunting from ‘upcycled’ fabric that is special to you and your family.

Use a smartphone or tablet for your diary or calendar but still have important papers, cards etc? - try a Darn It French style memo board.  Made from quality materials.  Choice of colours and sizes, prices start from £10.99.

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Bunting Curtain